Look for a Custom made application

  • When the software that suits your specific needs is not available in the market
  • When packaged solutions and software are not sufficient or flexible enough for your enterprise
  • When the solution becomes unaffordable in terms of cost and time

Systech can custom build solutions quickly to your specifications and deliver on its promise of certainty.

With over two decades of experience in building, managing and supporting IT solutions and services for its customers, Systech leverages its hands-on  business and technology experience to design, develop, deploy and manage applications that focuses on unique business needs of the customer.  The development services at Systech are carried out in partnering with global technology leaders (Sun, Oracle, Microsoft,etc) delivered around the business needs and challenges of the modern enterprise .

The approach may use Systech ERP versatile framework or a new one with which Systech can offer scalable and robust solutions under bespoke model to any given business, for any new industry, however large and complex it may be. After all, the proven domains that we are into today, once started off this way. Web App Development

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Systech ERP integrates well with Tally ERP9

Systech ERP interoperable capability helps you seamlessly integrate and consolidate data under multiple application environment.

Project Development – the agile methodology

Owing to its flexibility (to adopt to changes) the agile methodology lets the customer to incorporate the feedback and helps get what they desire even though in very few cases the waterfall methodology is preferred. In certain cases even combining these two methodologies have resulted in bringing the best possible software to the customer.

The following block depicts our lifecycle approach:

A broader level study that covers the modules, functional framework, business distribution topology, Product fitment and gap analysis, user details, capabilities required, database & technologies, deployment ,etc,. The outcome of this study would help us arrive at the effort size, time factor and the cost of the project.

A comprehensive Project Management proposal is submitted based on the study. The quote is on a fixed cost basis covering all the aspects of the project till go-live and support. We would never charge extra for every small addition during the course of the project as long as it is within the framework. This gives you an absolute peace of mind even before you proceed to sign-up.

On signing up, a detailed analysis would be carried out with respect to the earlier study. A prototype document is prepared and sent for your approval. The focus here would be primarily on the complete streamlining of the processes rather than the MIS part which may even deferred to a later stage.

Systech provides an integrated development platform to build and deliver the new application. Stringent testing and quality assurance norms help deliver a solution that is robust and scalable. Advisory services are provided to keep the IT infrastructure in place as a preparatory to the next stage.

The developed solution is suitably deployed, nuance management done, users mapped and trained, data migration carried out and finally goes live. Detailed MIS, dashboards and high level reports are now a part of the solution.

Ongoing technical support, product updates (bug fixtures & enhancements) and functional support are rendered during this period.

Systech ERP Vs cloud

Not sure if you need a dedicated server or a cloud server? know the pros and cons of each hosting solution type in our easy to read comaprision guide


As an early bird customer, you are helping us foray into a new business segment and hence benefits are immensely mutual. Generally Solutions are delivered as product and customization components. Since 100% of your requirements are covered here, there is no separate customization which generally takes significant or equal amount of time. Hence on top of not losing much on time you get a host of other benefits like moderate-cost and extended support.

Web App Development

Some of the key industries we are looking forward to work with are as follows:

  • Real estate & Construction
  • Process manufacturing  that include Cement, Sugar, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical and Petroleum
  • Discrete manufacturing of all types
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government and PSUs

Our services also spin around:

  • Application modernization
  • e-business/commerce
  • portal development
  • Data integration & migration

An effective ERP solution for your trading and Distribution business

Our System enables your back-office to work more effectively,helps improve customer service, empower your sales team to monitor trends,and manage true order profitablity.All the while providing the best financial control that you can expect from a web-based application