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Manufacturing is no longer about producing and supplying. It is all about being cost effective, innovative, be on time and building high standards of quality in order to compete. Compete at local  and global levels.

At a macro level, manufacturing SMBs continuously face the challenge of complexity and inefficiency in the manufacturing processes. The need is an intelligent demand planning so that there is always optimum inventory, which would be available for production at an effective cost.

At a micro level, some of the traditional business challenges for manufacturing sector have been managing ‘cash flows’ and retaining HR talent which remains an ongoing problem. Today due to  globalization and constant modernization the most challenging task facing the sector is growing top-line as  fast as possible in order to keep up with competition and to manage growth.

In a cluster environment several players exist in close proximity to each other. The performance pressure is much severe here with the peers producing similar items and having similar infrastructure. Savvier neighbor offering high quality products and faster turn around time throw a big challenge at a local level.

As most of the economies where manufacturing is predominant move on a development path, salaries,   wages and costs are escalating and the labor arbitrage advantage are reduced. Social and environmental compliance policies of the developed economies have to be met with.

The only possible way to meet the above criteria for the manufacturing SMBs is to have a strong adoption of IT. To evolve to the next level  they need to adopt to erp systems for better business process management, efficient manufacturing process, supply chain management, customer relationship management and business analytics.

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Systech ERP integrates well with Tally.ERP9

Systech ERP interoperable capability helps you seamlessly integrate and consolidate data under multiple application environment. Tally.ERP9 being the designated financial management software for most of the SMEs in India and middle east, Systech ERP seamlessly integrates with it..Read more

Functional Insight

Prepare to welcome your customers and excite them to board-in by your prompt and no-nonsense response. Organize your prospects genre-wise, industry- wise and keep them engaged with valid newsletters and campaigns. Manage inbound leads and outbound efforts to create leads in a never before manner be it a simple telecall or a marketing event . Instant sales proposals, effective sales force, etc prove your mettle. Funnel management keeps the right forecast for you to plan your inventory and resources.

Be it make to order, make to stock or configure to order, our sales management solutions are stunning. Our drag n drop feature helps you easily convert your sales proposal into sales order and subsequent documents upto sales invoice as per your work flow. Complete features like multiple orders to one invoice and vice versa, pricelists, multi-currency, credit control, batches, tax information and warranty details leave no stone unturned.

Purchase of inventory items, stores & upkeep items and fixed assets, its all there. You can plan the purchases well before you ran out of stock with re-order management, schedule the different delivery times and the best part is you have an option to choose the suppliers by their previous performance, thanks to our unique supplier grading method.

Store everything related to your manufacturing right from maintenance items, consumables and everything except raw material. Store and retrieve them from your own stock points be it warehouses or exclusive godowns or small storage racks and bins.

Create groups, categories and items that tell everything about your inventory in a single page. Re-order levels, stock journals, stock summary, item tracker and stock ageing are some of the key features that provide with an in-sight into the whole of your inventory.

Systech ERP PPC module is a powerful tool for material requirement planning, capacity planning, scheduling, allocating and sequencing of jobs and operations on the shop floor. This module helps you to plan a realistic lead time and delivery dates under different constraints such as machine availability, efficiency and utilization of the machines, labor shifts & calendars and material availability.

Work in progress method enables the effective execution of the different jobs against multiple work order, as well as process wise monitoring of all activities, costs, scraps, and rejection events. Material and labor consumed maybe back flushed for repetitive or fixed process. Batch number generation and serial number allocation provides complete component traceability across the departments.

Systech ERP Maintenance module lubricates the system with scheduled and repair based services. The fully automated scheduled services pave way for an effective preventive management in terms of spares & labor otherwise which would have cost you dear. Similarly the repair based services would prompt you to up the machinery or device by an intelligent plan based on the previous history.

Even though the key controls of the business is taken care of by Systech ERP, the final accounts and statutory compliance is left to Tally.ERP9. Most of the tax practitioners mainly in India are demanding book-keeping in Tally as they are very much used to it simply for the reasons of its simplicity and wide acceptability in the market. Systech ERP seamlessly and precisely integrates key financial components including sales,purchase and other journals with Tally. Similarly integration can be done with applications like peach-tree, quick-books,etc.

From procurement to disposal Systech ERP addresses them all. Insurance Management, ASC from vendors, custodian, complete asset register with asset tracker and depreciation make ours a holistic solution to the manufacturing industry.

From employee creation to exit, Systech ERP never allow you to take chances. It puts you at ease maintaining all the records for management and the statutory compliance point. Transitions the entire HR operations from being people centric to system centric.

Exim Management

This module serves manufacturing companies doing exports and imports. This ensures compliance with government laid norms and guidelines thus reaping the entire concessions and incentives announced by the government.

What we offer

Intelligent Manufacturing ERP

Systech ERP Manufacturing ERP  is designed for manufacturing brilliance. With the real time information on hand, it puts a wide area of manufacturing areas at ease, such as make-to-order, make-to-stock, configure-to-order and just-in-time manufacturing. With Systech ERP you are working with the system which is flawlessly integrated with all of your departments and giving you the cutting edge of latest technology impacts on your business.

Systech ERP gives you the power of visibility across the departments, shop floor and inventory without leaving your desk. It has the futuristic dashboards, which bring your data to life. These interactive dashboards are intuitive and dynamic, throwing you a complete insight into your business analyzing and revealing those hard facts that require corrective action.

Be prepared and be informed with real time data, be it your currently running jobs, no of hands this shift and so on. Our interoperability feature even helps you extract data right from the machineries, biometric systems, devices & scales and barcodes into the system.

Discrete manufacturers can benefit from the material requirement planning, production planning and cost of overheads. Process manufacturers can benefit from the raw material routing, material consumption, sub products and co-products management.

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Let Quality & Consistency alone speak

Quality sells itself. Our QA module ensures right quality in compliant with standard norms and regulations supported by robust processes that can never be negotiated. It strictly drives the philosophy of doing things right, the very first time.

If you want to be consistent in your production, then you have to maintain your machineries. Maintenance module is an inbuilt functionality of Systech ERP. With this module, you can generate a monthly preventive maintenance report and can schedule maintenance, breakdown history, machine performance and many more. With the proper tool in your hand, we are building your production unit more efficient than you could think.

Topline growth and profitability will go hand-in-hand on implementation.

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Integration at the core

Systech ERP Manufacturing ERP (Manufacturing Management System) comes with all functional modules that are tightly integrated to each other devoid of any gap or manual replication. For example the process output values entered account for production but the same data is used for maintenance as well. A machine that is down for repair cannot be allocated in the production process. A single entry of labor allocation is used to arrive at the payroll as well as production cost. With features like work-flow configuration and drag-n-drop , integration still becomes handy. This level of integration also ensures data for an in-depth business analysis and intelligence.

Rich in features, Makes you richer

With its competent features, here is how Systech ERP cuts down on your costs
1. Java based Technology – save on expensive server licenses, operating systems, database licenses and so on
2. Cloud based – save on expensive connectivity including RF, leased line, VPN and so on. All that you require is a simple broadband connection
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The following sectors so far have stood to gain from our solutions. Highlights of each of those segments are listed below:

This covers both made-to-order and made-to-stock models. Every project is defined as a cost center against which all purchases and sales are managed apart from R&D and general purpose cost centers. BoMs are versioned to accommodate material changes in line with varying designs with clear tracking. Work orders are comprehensive with list of processes and FG, SG items simplifying the application. WO execution regulates each and every process in a pre-defined manner with material conversion and scrap.
Rejected components are returned to stores for replacements. Separate material requests and issues are done for consumables and non-BoM items. Scrap trend analysis is done. Shelf life tracking with respect to the bill lf lading to avail duty concessions for imports meant for exports.

The bill of material (BoM) here includes standard scraps with a provision to analyze the variance in every work order. The BoM is also process specific for example a robot hand is used to print on the containers where inks and plates are included. Quality improvisation management through AQL standard of quality control. Week wise WO/Route card planning, Batch number provision for traceability, two stage inspection methods, packing advice and multiple UOM conversions are other key requirements of the industry.

A multi-division multi-location water heater manufacturer one is Solar and the other being electric. The solar division operates on a made-to-order direct sale model and the solution comprises of enquiry till service support. On receiving an enquiry site visit is made and consultancy provided. A preparatory plan is designed against which an estimation is made and quotation given.

The electric division makes products based on forecasts as per last year sales and current market & weather trends . Sold thru’ two tier distributor network with secondary sale information captured.

Multiple shop floors wherein manufacturing of key SF goods (mainly tanks) are made after consumption of materials as per BoM. In another floor assembling of final product is done is manufactured after consuming the SFGs along with bought out items. These items include stickers, packing materials, user manuals, bulbs, electrical items pipes, etc

Service is based on warranty wherein bulk spares are transferred to employee stores. Since customers and the service engineers are distributed across south and western india, spares are transferred based on PIF (products in field) population and failure rates before hand itself. Defective spares automatically added to the engineer stores from where if it is returned and stocks verified. Non warranty replacements are tracked separately and customer bills raised.

Made-to-stock model dealing in solar & led divisions. Multi point purchase approvals by division head and technical head, value based approvals, purchase in batches, FIFO based consumption, batchwise cost management, cost variation management, weekly daily production planning, plan vs actuals analyses are some of our key offerings to this industry.

Manufacturer and exporter of high quality synthetic mosquito nets. The raw material in the form of granules undergo three processes namely knitting, weaving & stitching. Each process is done at different locations with a mix and match of own production and sub-contracting and the system is flexible enough to accommodate any possible process flow. The solution covers end-to-end automation right from raw material extrusion till packing, bale conversion and shipment. Job order rejections is connected to debit notes for easy management of job orders. Wastage is monitored and controlled process wise and also with respect to shift, cumulative and daily %. Beam weights are directly captured from weighing machines. CT-3 purchase and its tracking forms an indispensable part of the solution as it is a 100% EOU.

Dashboards: Driving Organizations to Excellence

Systech ERP multi-dimensional interactive rich dashboards throw facts and projections that are true and striking. The dashboards are so powerful that they help you analyze a situation from various perspectives. Stay hooked to real time scenarios to take well informed decisions.

Case Study

Systech ERP integrates all Vitals of a major Textile Equipment Manufacturer – Download
Systech makes a difference at Shobikaa Impex , a WHO Certified Manufacturer and exporter – Download