Customer Relationship – That’s what matters

‘How we respond’ makes all the difference in bringing new customers to us. It may be the same product, same services but customers rate and choose vendors based on their response in terms of time and quality. Systech CRM is an application exclusively designed to increase your customer base this way.

Systech CRM helps you plan and focus on your business promotion activities. They enable sales team to pro-actively and swiftly respond to every customer touch point throughout the customer engagement lifecycle right from Marketing to Pre-sales. Systech CRM makes it easy for you because everything is interconnected.

The Customer ecosystem is being transformed into a different dimension altogether, that they keep referring and coming back to you for newer requirements.

The key benefits are summarized as follows:

  • Consistent customer engagement
  • Quick customer response resulting in increased customer confidence
  • Technology enablement and integration of all components of the entire customer ecosystem
  • Automation of your sales force
  • Stringent processes that reduce people dependency in every aspect
  • Capability of quick analysis of key parameters and creation of critical reports on a real time basis

Systech ERP Vs Conventional ERP

Systech ERP, the new age ERP is being compared with a commonly available third party ERP in the industry for SMEs . Here is a quick analysis helping you take a decision.Read more


Organize and manage prospects under user defined groups (sector, profile , location, etc), Import bulk prospects based on these parameters for quick and effective marketing engagements.

Only activities mark your presence. The more activities you do, stronger will be your presence in the market. Finding a way of selling is simple, but knowing where to sell is vital to business growth. Systech CRM helps you find a one in million; Systech ERP narrows your focus and make you more productive.

  • Bulk SMS and E-Mail Campaign
  • Direct Mailers
  • Newsletters
  • Special Promotion Offers
  • Cold Call Generation

The daily activity of your sales team is precisely registered right from time of visit, type of call, lead type (new or existing) with its size and values. Collect reference leads from customers that work out the most and outsmart competition by focusing them. Easy lead analysis help identify bottlenecks to improve sales performance.

  • Daily Activity tracking of Sales Rep
  • Sales Rep Performance
  • Business Opportunities Generated
  • Sales Conversion Ratio
  • Contact Management

Make telecalls first time and effective follow-ups thereafter. Telecalls can be performed out of sector wise prospect list, referred accounts and so on. On completing the telecall an automatic script is emailed along with relevant product details from the extensive collaterals library.

Manage Inquiries in a never before manner. Register enquiries at office, during marketing events and campaigns. Capture enquiry source for easy analysis. Enquiries become leads only by way of effective and on-time responses.

Generate leads, assign and transfer them with respect to employees. Leads are categorized and named for easy management. Leads can eventually be won, lost, dropped or carried over. Measure leads generated against leads converted periodically for each given marketing activity. Also track every lead for a detailed history.

Generate impressive quotations including detailed terms of sale. Print/email these quotations to customer as .pdf document instantly.

Systech ERP gives you a deep insight into your sales pipeline helping you to arrive at the potential business for a given month/period. This helps in month wise sales forecasting, plan inventory and pro-active checks.

  • Number of leads in your pipeline
  • Lead Conversion ratio
  • Comparison of “Won – Lost” scenarios

Systech ERP helps you capture enquiries while participating in a business promotional event whether it is a trade fair or any similar activity. It helps you send acknowledgement over SMS / email and proceed with instant quotations.

The Systech ERP solution for Manufacturing

We designed our ERP solutions literally from the ground up to connect suppliers,mannage materials,control machines and deliver the accounting and business inteligence manufacturing organizations need. Read more


crmEvaluate KPIs using dashboards

Our powerful dashboards bring out key performance indicators live, in order to correct you to achieve the business goals and targets


  • Funnel
  • Sales Forecast
  • Productwise Areawise analysis
  • Lead resource analysis

crmMobile Apps, a boon to manage your field force

It is everything you need to close your sales quickly. Connect with your customer instantly; make your daily entries online. Sales and Support team can emotely login from our exclusive apps to mark their attendance and customer visits from wherever they are. A great freedom to employees on the move and those who operate from remote locations.

  • Online appointment management
  • Daily Activity Register
  • Online contact management

crmConnect Customers & Partners

Thanks to web technology extend your crm now to your customers and partners. They can now book orders online and be intimated about the order status till dispatch. They will be able to view their account books, know your stocks and all that you want to share.

crmManage Employee Documents Digitally

All important documents related to an employee are digitally stored in the system for instant access and perusal, be it their photos, certificates, testimonials, agreements and what not.

crmCustomer Directory

Store customer contacts in the form of simple directory. Access them instantly. helps you to reach them as you think. Employee and vendor directories also can be done.

crmTrack customer history for amazing agility

Our tab based design help you track very much needed info about the customer whether it is previous transaction history, payment performance, marketing activity track and support history. Track customer history at every stage of the sale. Enjoy the comfort of tracking these vitals right during transactions without having to switch between screens.