Employee Happiness is the key to business success. Only happy employees can bring in improved productivity and customer satisfaction. Systech ERP HCMS calls for a paradigm shift in the employee approach ensuring that the organizational efficiency is achieved even while growing at a phenomenal speed. It provides information and education as well.

Initiatives in People Practices

Systech HCMS is a complete solution to managing employees right from recruitment to retirement. Our HCMS transforms the employee ecosystem into a different dimension altogether and is increasingly characterized by the following attributes:

  • Technology enablement and integration of all components of the entire employee ecosystem – both executive and non-executive
  • Need for online access to the right information for every category of the employees
  • Capability of quick analysis of key parameters and creation of critical reports on a real time basis
  • Increased process orientation and reduced people dependency in every aspect
  • Statutory Compliance

Rapid Implementation

Backed up with a robustly configured product, 2 to 3 days is all it takes to implement our HRMS. With simple yet powerful features, the whole experience proves to be an icing on the cake for any organization. Try us out!

Dashboards: Driving Organizations to Excellence

Systech ERP multi-dimensional interactive rich dashboards throw facts and projections that are true and striking. The dashboards are so powerful that they help you analyze a situation from various perspectives. Stay hooked to real time scenarios to take well informed decisions.


Maintain comprehensive employee information both personal and official , sort them under different categories, groups, divisions, departments and locations. Create ID card and other similar documents using pre-defined templates. Publish employee directory across the organization for quick access.

Precise Capturing of employee time-in time out from bio-metric attendance machine with an option to access control interface. Keep track of absentees, regular late-comers, early-goers and other crucial parameters. Attendance incentive management.

Pre-defined holidays, user defined leave types, onsite attendance, Comp-off working, leave applying and approvals with provision to encash, accumulate and carry-over for vacation. Configure attendance units as to shifts, half-day, day, hours, overtime and the likes. All registers including Leaves, holidays, OTs are available instantly.

Quick pay head creation, user defined additions and deductions, define payroll cycle, payroll generation, payslip creation, salary register, bank statement templates, employee pay history.

Managing employee loans and advances has never been this easy. From loan application to approval to disbursement and recovery, Systech ERP makes it hassle-free, be it thru’ cash or bank.

Group creation, task assigning and completion, task status tracking, employee task performance.

Vacancy creation and requests, Hire employee, issuance of offers and appointment orders, define role of employee, set goals and responsibilities with measureable metrics, promotions, transfers and role change, appraisals and performance management, grievance handling and redressing, employee separation, employee history management

EPF,ESI, Professional tax, gratuity and country specific statutory compliance. This is achieved thru’ a combination of direct and Tally reports.

Payment Transfers, bank and cash management, TDS, IT deductions and forms, challans are managed thru’ seamless integration with Tally.ERP9.

Systech ERP integrates well with Tally.ERP9

Systech ERP interoperable capability helps you seamlessly integrate and consolidate data under multiple application environment. Tally.ERP9 being the designated financial management software for most of the SMEs in India and middle east, Systech ERP seamlessly integrates with it..Read more


hcmDirect biometric device interface

Connects to any standard biometric attendance and access control devices for direct reading of employee movements. Interpret this into powerful MIS and dashboards.

hcmMobile Apps, a boon to manage field personnel

Employees can remotely login from our exclusive apps to mark their attendance and the system automatically tracks his locality. A great freedom to employees on the move and those who operate from remote locations.

hcmManage Employee Documents Digitally

All important documents related to an employee are digitally stored in the system for instant access and perusal, be it their photos, certificates, testimonials, agreements and what not.

hcmGraphical Dashboards/Scorecards

Systech ERP dashboards and scorecards provide you an insight into the key vitals of HR management. Watch them live for that ‘absolute control’ from where you can drill down upto the transaction in search of details.

hcmConvert into PDFs and Excels instantly

All the MIS and registers can be readily converted into PDFs and Excel documents for easy sharing and perusal thus vouching for a paperless and green environment.

capabilities_img8Critical Business Alerts

Set pre-defined checks, employee notifications and Systech ERP will alert you on these occasions thru’ emails, SMS and pop-ups. Helps you make pro-active decisions and corrections before it is too late.