Today’s trading industry is all about competition from every corner. Some of the major hurdles come in terms of waning principal loyalty (multiple vendors for the same product/brand), disappearing geographical lines and exploding online retailers among others. These challenges call for the need to integrate and streamline businesses in order to become leaner and more profitable. Greater visibility and transparency can be achieved by automating the processes, connecting branch offices, warehouses, service centers, etc,.

A machine or device, now connect it to Systech ERP

Recording transactions that too on a real-time basis is not an easy task. It involves manpower and other resources and yet prone to errors. Systech ERP now connects with your device or machine to fetch data directly so that you stay live with your system, always. Machines involved in manufacturing, weighing scales, time attendance devices are some examples.

What we offer

Trading: Changing the way trading business works

Systech ERP has established the mission of helping the small and medium business owner’s dreams into reality by leveraging the technology to their day-to-day operations.

  • Quick response to the customer
  • Aggressive price-points
  • Inventory optimization
  • Effective re-order management
  • Sensitized support handling
  • a good cash flow

Welcome your customers and excite them to board-in, by your prompt response. Organize your prospects genre-wise, industry- wise and keep them engaged with valid newsletters and campaigns. Manage inbound leads and outbound efforts to create leads in a never before manner be it a simple telecall or a marketing event . Instant sales proposals, effective sales force, etc prove your mettle.

Funnel management keeps the right forecast for you to plan your inventory and resources.

Trading & Distribution ERP

Success thru’ technology

Systech ERP copes with varied product lines within the trading industry and offers operational excellence exclusive to each one of them. An FMCG business enabled with integrated TW App helps the salesman-on-the-move deliver goods, raise sales bills, receive payments and book sale orders.

Similarly for an after-sale-support trader, it offers serial number management with warranty tracking and an automatic update of the support vitals. A pharmaceutical or food distributor would be happy having the batch and its expiry management. Not all that, multi level price-lists, exports & imports, simple assemblies or product conversions, secondary sales management and the list goes on.

Our credit management system keeps a check on every customer with respect to the debt value and the outstanding due. You can track profitability on every sale,every item/group and every customer. Systech ERP administers all types of sales whether it is purchase-to-order, purchase-to-stock or even a sale-on-transit.

Trading & Distribution ERP

Innovation all the way

Our web based capability connects all your locations together thereby reinforcing the comfort of all under one roof feel. Business Analytics using dashboards help you take informed business decisions. It helps look at multi dimensional analyses with respect to customers, items, employees and agents.

Customer complaints management achieved by tracking and closing customer issues in a swift manner. This results in high customer satisfaction levels making them to come back and bring a lot more references.

Trading & Distribution ERP


Systech ERP offers the following modules for the industry, not on a generic basis but tailor made to each and every domain within the industry.

  • Marketing
  • Pre-sales
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • HR & Payroll and
  • Customer Support

Systech ERP Vs Conventional ERP

Systech ERP, the new age ERP is being compared with a commonly available third party ERP in the industry for SMEs . Here is a quick analysis helping you take a decision.Read more