Soft on Wearer, Hard on Producers

An insight into this vibrant industry reveals that it is very hard. As the face of fashion, this global business deals with multiple variation of colors and sizes and hence one could imagine the amount of material requirement planning. Highly obsessed by seasons and trends this industry is extremely time critical. The sector is seen as a supply chain consisting of a number of discrete activities.

The merchandisers should have a 360 degree visibility of each and every order they own from sampling to actual shipment for them to meet delivery timelines without adding to the cost. A last minute shortage in a dyed stuff material could call for an airlift of the entire consignment costing you dear or even losing the customer once for all.

Embrace Systech ERP

The only possible way to meet the above challenges for the apparel industry is to have a strong adoption of IT. To evolve to the next level they need to embrace erp systems for better business process management, efficient manufacturing process, supply chain management, customer relationship management and business analytics.

Go Green with our complete paperless solutions

Features such as Excel/PDF Conversion of reports, Data capture thru’ our mobile Apps and storage of images and documents against any transaction (using BLOB technology) make our application absolutely paperless vouching for a green environment.

What we Offer

Systech AAS (Apparel Automation System) makes it out all right from receiving an enquiry  till the final shipment. Our unique MRP with variable BOM model accommodates your buyers’ last minute amendment without extending the delivery time. Capacity planning extended to your sub-contractors, well defined garment cycle, Costing, Line Production management, T & A, export documentation makes life very easy.

Apparel ERP

Made-to-Order Vs Made-to-Stock

Our offering addresses both product business (mostly serving domestic markets) and back-to-back orders (exports). Challenges  are different  for each of these sectors  which Systech handles readily.

Apparel ERP

Supply Chain Visibility

Our web based model supports a collaborative business approach where all the stake holders can participate and benefit. Your buyers can even login to look at the status of any given PO on a real-time basis. Your distributors, retailers and booking agents are simply connected thru’ Apps for zero gap even on the move.

Apparel ERP

Technology enabled Manufacturing

As all units and departments stay connected online, there is certainly a cost and time advantage. Barcodes and RF based material flow make life much easier. Our digital office helps you store everything related to a style – the image, sketches, size sets and what not bringing a handy virtual studio.

Dashboards with key vitals drive you towards actions and end results that couldn’t  have been otherwise possible. For ex., out of the total production cycle look into planned vs actual time taken process wise order-wise whether it is dyeing or the embroidering  or it could be a delay in the arrival of buttons or shortage of labor. You are sure to arrive at the bottlenecks  however big  your size of the business is and whatever may be your number of factories/sub contractors.

Apparel ERP

Our solution spans across

  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory & Stores
  • Production Planning & Control
  • HR & Payroll and
  • Finance (Tally integration)


Integrate with ease: Manual or Automatic

Say goodbye to the high cost and complexity of point-to-point integrations. Welcome to a single integration solution that quickly connects your system or applications without manual intervention.